Our galleries are climate-controlled and some sections are dimly-lit for conservation purposes. Visitors may wish to bring additional clothing to keep warm during their visit. The following amenities are also available to ensure you enjoy your visit at the museum.

  • Lifts, accessible side entrances, toilets and designated accessible parking lots are available for visitors with disabilities or who require wheelchair access. Download the NMS Sensory Map for physical access points.
  • Strollers and wheelchairs are permitted in the galleries. Please approach a staff member to locate designated stroller parking area if you do not wish to use the stroller in the galleries.
  • Manual wheelchairs are available for loan at the museum’s Visitor Services counter on a first come, first served basis. Unfortunately, we will not be able to assist wheelchair users get around the museum.
  • Lockers on Level 2 and in the Basement can be rented to store bulky items which are not allowed in the galleries. New $1 of 50c coins must be used.
  • Nursing rooms are available at every level near the toilets as eating and drinking is not allowed in our galleries.
  • Free wireless access is available throughout the museum. Connect your mobile devices through “Wireless@NMS” and register with a valid email address.
  • Exhibition captions in Large Print (English), Mandarin, Malay and Tamil are available in all our galleries. Please return them after use.
  • The National Museum of Singapore Mobile App also provides exhibition content in English, Mandarin, Malay and Tamil. Download the app from the Apple AppStore, Google Play Store or in APK format before you visit.
  • Lost & found items may be reported to the Visitor Services counter.

Museum Etiquette

Please help us protect our valuable National Collection and create a safe and conducive museum environment by observing the following:

Protecting our Valuable Collection

 No, eat, drink No, touching, touch
Flash, Photography, camera
No food and drink 
in the galleries.
Do not touch any
do not rest
on display panels, 

   showcases and
gallery walls. 

No flash photography 
  and selfie stick in the galleries.


Create a Safe and Pleasant Museum Environment for All

mobile, handphone, silent, vibrate   Please set mobile phones
 to silent or vibrate mode.  
 silence, soft, speaking  Please speak softly.
 Pencil, Sketch, Sketching, drawing

   Sketching using only pencils,
sketchbooks and notebooks
are permitted.

 Please do not obstruct
traffic flow in the gallery
while sketching. 

 temperature, cold,    Galleries are climate
 No, running  No running  video, videography,    No videography
in the galleries
 rollerblades, shoes,  Use of retractable roller shoes,
roller skates, skate scooters
and other personal mobility devices
are not allowed.
These items may be stored in
the lockers located in the
Basement and on Level 2,
or parked at the bicycle stands
in front of the Stamford Office building.
 tripod  Tripods, selfie sticks, backpacks*,
cabin bags, trolleys
or any bulky items
are not allowed in the galleries.
 These items must be stored in the lockers
located in the Basement and on Level 2
(please obtain new $1 or 50c coins
from our Visitor Services staff).  

Large umbrella can be stored in umbrella stands outside major galleries.


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