Singapore and the World - When Commerce Meets Art: A History of Graphic Design in Singapore Since the 1960s

The Salon,
Level 1
7pm - 8pm
Free Admission
An industrialisation drive in the 1960s not only boosted Singapore's economy but gave rise to the country’s pioneer graphic designers. This led to the establishment of the nation’s first design school, Baharuddin Vocational Institute (BVI), which laid the foundations for Singapore’s graphic design scene with its multinational exchanges of ideas, technology and people.

Singapore and the World – When Commerce Meets Art: A History of Graphic Design in Singapore Since the 1960s  
Thursday, 8 March | 7pm – 8pm
The Salon, Level 1
Free. Register for the talk here.

From foreign creative directors to the emergence of desktop publishing technology from Silicon Valley, and the flood of music and magazines from the West, Justin Zhuang traces the evolution of a community that has shaped the advertisements, packaging, ephemera, books and new media that have defined Singapore as a global city of commerce.

This session is held in conjunction with the Singapore Design Week 2018. Don’t miss this opportunity to have your copy of Independence: The History of Graphic Design in Singapore Since the 1960s autographed by the author.

This book will be available for sale at $40 (U.P. $49), payment by cash only.

About the Speaker

Justin Zhuang is a writer and researcher with an interest in design, cities, culture, history and media. He is the author of several books on design in Singapore, including Independence: The History of Graphic Design in Singapore Since the 1960s and Fifty Years of Singapore Design. More about Justin can be found at

About Singapore and the World

Covering topics related to history, design, art, music, food and technology, Singapore and the World is a programme that focusses on the historical and contemporary connections that link Singapore to the world. Brought to you by the National Museum of Singapore and its key cultural partners, the different multi-disciplinary events that make up this programme are an opportunity to celebrate the commonalities and differences that make the world a vibrant and diverse place, providing new insight into Singapore’s place in global history.

Image above: Baharuddin Vocational Institute. Image courtesy of Justin Zhuang

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