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Join us at the National Museum this November & December for a line-up of exciting programmes! Complement your visit to our new exhibition In an Instant: Polaroid at the Intersection of Art and Technology!
Tickets for this programme do not include admission to the Polaroid exhibition.
Programme ticket holders can purchase the exhibition tickets at a special price of $10 (for Citizens and Permanent Residents) and $14 (others).

zwei blumen
Cyanotype: The Art of Sun Printing
Sat, 17 Nov | 2pm – 4pm
The Salon, Level 1
Pick up one of the oldest forms of printmaking – Cyanotype – which was invented more than 150 years ago by biologists to document their botanical discoveries. See how a combination of science, nature and art can produce beautiful and sublime images.
Limited spaces available. $35 per pax.
*Left Image: Bernd Hutschenreuther, Zwei Blumen [Cyanotype], 2017. Creative Commons image licensed under CC BY 2.0.

Priscilla, NMS Curator

Curator Tour
Tue, 20 Nov | 7.30pm – 8.30pm 

Delve deeper into the story of Polaroid photography with our curator, Priscilla Chua, in an exclusive after-hours tour of the gallery.

Limited spaces available. $20 per pax. Visit for registration. Tickets for this programme includes admission to the Polaroid exhibition.

Image Courtesy of Meridel Rubenstein

Artist Talk by Meridel Rubenstein
Thur, 6 Dec | 7.30pm – 8.30pm The Salon, Level | $5 per ticket

Since the early 1980s, Meridel Rubenstein has been using non-traditional photography processes to create images on 19th-century palladium, steel, glass, video, and most recently, linen and aluminium. The materiality of her photographs reflect and draw from the subject matters she depicts. In this engaging talk, Rubenstein will walk us through her interdisciplinary practice, in which she creates alternative-process photographs while conducting and realising research projects in locations around the globe.

$5 per pax includes light refreshments. Limited spaces. Visit for registration.
Left Image: Ehmad and his Boat. Image courtesy of Meridel Rubenstein.

Image courtesy of objectifs

Pinhole Photography Workshop
Sat, 15 Dec | 2pm – 5pm | Seminar Room, Level 2 | $35 

Before digital cameras were invented, pinhole cameras were used as an early form of photography. These simple cameras rely on the camera obscura or pinhole effect, a natural optical phenomenon which uses light to project an inverted image through a pinhole. Use everyday materials to create your very own camera and watch as your unique photographs are developed before your eyes.

$35 per ticket. Limited spaces. Visit for registration.

Family Time

Take a trip through 700 years of Singapore's history with your little ones with our Family Time Guide to find out how life in this Lion City has changed over the centuries. On your journey, you will meet various historical figures as well as landmark objects in each phase of Singapore's history. Explore how people from different communities used to live, their aspirations and how they helped shape the Singapore we see today.

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