Singapore Heritage Festival at the National Museum - Documenting: Serangoon Road

The Concourse,
Level 1
10am - 7pm
Free Admission

Singapore Heritage Festival at the National Museum

Documenting: Serangoon Road


23 Mar – 30 Apr

The Concourse, Level 1

Free admission


Each district in Singapore has its own unique history as experienced through the lives of those who live, work and play there. As Singapore evolves, we face the challenge and opportunity to keep our identity in tandem with developing as a nation. We need to manage change, and to find different ways to retain the collective memories that we have of these places.


In 2017, a group of students from various backgrounds embarked on a year-long project to document Serangoon Rd. They were guided by professional photographers – Darren Soh, Chia Aik Beng, Bernice Wong and Philipp Aldrup, who also selected the photographs that are on display for this exhibition. Discover this historic district through the Documenting: Serangoon Road photographic collaboration between the Urban Redevelopment Authority and the National Youth Achievement Award Young Photographers Network. The exhibition is held exclusively at the National Museum of Singapore.

Family Time

Take a trip through 700 years of Singapore's history with your little ones with our Family Time Guide to find out how life in this Lion City has changed over the centuries. On your journey, you will meet various historical figures as well as landmark objects in each phase of Singapore's history. Explore how people from different communities used to live, their aspirations and how they helped shape the Singapore we see today.

Museum guide

Download our museum guide (English, Chinese, Bahasa Melayu, Tamil) to find out about the many treasures in our various galleries. In this guide, you will also find the floor plan for easier navigation. Enjoy your visit!

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