Digital Showcase: Cosa Mentale

Perform Room,
Level 3
Free with registration.
The DigiMuse programme is a new initiative by the National Museum of Singapore, aimed at building a vibrant cultural sector that is invested in digital innovation.

Cosa Mentale

What is it like to draw with two brains connected to a hand?

Cristina Hoffmann & Gille de Bast
Graphical tools, TENS, Arduino, OpenBCI, Computer


Cosa Mentale is a brainwave performance where a drawing is produced by the hand of one volunteer, through a connection to the artist’s brain. In this process, machines and coding have created new ways of exchange between two individuals. The pulse/signals supplied by the artist’s brain are interpreted and transposed into an electric current which activates the volunteer’s muscles via electrodes. 


This process implies a multi-layered connection that involves the different states of mind – meditative, emptiness, abandonment and control. Through this singular encounter, volunteers will explore the mechanisms of loss and control in the drawing process. As the two individuals collaborate in silence, the performance poses the question of who has is really controlling the creative process – who begins and finishes the drawing?


A video of the performance will be on display at The Digital Showcase for the duration of the exhibition. Selected drawings will be displayed as part of the exhibition, and participants will be able to collect their drawings after the exhibition ends.


Fri, 2 Feb | 6pm 

Sat, 3 Feb| 3pm & 5pm 

Perform Room, Level 3

Free with registration*

Register here


*Please note: Each performance can accommodate up to 4 participants per session. Please indicate whether you would like to be a participant or audience upon registration.


About DigiMuse

The DigiMuse programme is a new initiative by the National Museum of Singapore, aimed at building a vibrant cultural sector that is invested in digital innovation. DigiMuse seeks to engage with the wider digital-technology industry to encourage creative experimentation in cultural spaces. The programme invites artists, technologists and culture professionals to co-create digital projects, and provide considered interventions aimed at showcasing the possibilities of integrating culture and technology



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