Gold Rush: Treasures of the Ukraine

National Museum of Singapore,
Exhibition Gallery 2, Basement
10am - 6pm

On loan from the National Museum of the History of Ukraine and the Museum of Historical Treasures of Ukraine, this collection of 260 pieces of jewellery, weapons, coins, and household and religious artefacts, dating from 8th century BCE to 19th century CE, explores the significance of gold as used by the nomadic Scythians through to the golden age of Kievan Rus’ and as crafted in the decorative arts tradition of Ukraine.

Accompanying the Ukrainian display is a showcase of gold from Southeast Asia and Singapore. Selected from the National Heritage Board collection, this set of 14th to 20th century jewellchery illustrates gold as a symbol of wealth, status and power, and serves as an entry point to appreciating the development of goldsmithing and the flourishing of goldsmith shops in 20th century Singapore.

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