Children's Season: Mozart: A Child Prodigy

National Museum of Singapore,
Exhibition Gallery 1
10:00am - 6:00pm

An award-winning, interactive exhibition just for children is coming to town! Children can explore 11 themed, interactive rooms and learn about the everyday life of young Mozart and the Rococo period. Whether it's mixing herbal remedies according to old recipes; making paper wigs or dressing up as aristocrats, children will be thrilled to discover their innate talent as they compare daily life in the past and present.

Recommended for children 6 - 12 years old.

Ticketing Information
$15 adult / $7.50 child
(*excludes booking and SISTIC charges)
Tickets can be purchased online at http://www.sistic.com.sg/ or any SISTIC counters nationwide.
Children 6 years and below can enter for free but must be accompanied by an adult holding a valid exhibition admission ticket.

Exhibtion Details

Each room describes the exhibitionaccording to its set-up and structure.

Entrance Hall
Step into the entrance hall and enter the auditorium of an opera house. This is where the exhibition begins with an entertaining introduction.

Travelling Instead of Going to School
Explore the modes of travelling of that time. Wear zebra-head masks, dress up as "horse-actors" and pedal while the "noble ladies and gentlemen" and the coachman are bounded around wildly by using special effects.

It is in these taverns along the mail-coach routes that travellers from all social classes, such as aristocrats, burghers, merchants, travelling artists and scholars, sought and found board and lodging.

Pharmacy & Barber Shop
At the pharmacy and the neighbouring barber shop (with the barber being a hairdresser and physician at the same time), learn the kinds of diseases Mozart had when he was a child, and what medical treatment were used to cure them. Mix herbal teas for various illnesses according to old recipes and try your hand at packing the popular toothpowder.

Aristocratic Salon

Dress up in Rococo costumes and act as part of the noble society. Imitate the gallant dance choreographies shown on semi-transparent mirrors, reflecting both your poses, and the back-projections.

Next to the salon is the boudoir with a make-up table, mirror, wigs, beards, make-up powder, beauty spots, masks and perfumes. Try for yourself and find out how "mask-like" beauty emerged from the use of powder, black beauty spots and lipstick.

Canopy Bed
Forming part of the ensemble of the aristocratic salon is a canopy bed with four big pillows. Lay your head on one of these pillows to listen to some of the music Mozart wrote when he was a child.

The Mozart Family
This walkable nautilus reveals the panorama of Mozart's birthplace, the town of Salzburg. On the backdrop are portraits of the Mozart Family as well as three screens showing a short film.

The scriptorium with writing desks focuses on various scripts and writings, the culture of letter writing, word games and cryptographs. Learn about the importance of wordplay, puns and anagrams at that time and take the opportunity to write with a quill and ink with the help of script templates.

The Rococo age was a time when games were everybody's favourite pastime. Try out a modified version of the "bolt-shooting" game. Look into the wooden chests filled with playthings to see and touch these nostalgic toys.

In conjunction with this special exhibition are exciting performances, workshops, interactive art installations and other activities suitable for children age 3 to 12 at the Museum in the month of May 2008.

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